It’s now October which means 9 Months have passed this year and you can reflect on whether you have owned it, or have been owned by 2017.

Summer is coming (similar to how it came last year, and the year before that) which means you’ve got a few choices.

Own up to your goals and be ready for it, or make excuses as to why another year passes and gets swept under the rug as a write off.

Our motto of Look, Feel and Move Better starts with you making a choice each day.

The choice to not press snooze, not put shit in your mouth and put your nano’s (shoes) on so you can get to the gym is up to you and how much you value owning the last quarter of 2017.

We have added in a 45 minute: 6am ConditionFit session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Morning

This can be used as an extra session, (I.e. come back at night for the WOD) or a back up session if you can’t book into the regular WOD.

The programming will be on BTWB each day, so if you want to do the regular WOD and then stay back for extras on your own time, this is also an option.

If we can do anything else to help you this summer, please let me know here or in a PM 🙂

“Let’s get ripped and do cool shit with our bodies” !

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