We Transform The Way People Look, Whilst Helping Them Train and Stay Injury Free

Our clients come to us when they are ready to transform the way they look, train in a way that promote lean muscular physiques, all whilst staying injury free.

Because we have a team of highly qualified coaches that follow the methodologies and philosophies designed by head coach and Sport Scientist Brandon Hasick, we can ensure that our members will not only stay injury free, but enjoy the highest quality of movement for both performance and longevity.

Our members usually come to us because they want a fast, yet sustainable result, and end up staying for the community.


Sydney’s Premium Personal and Small Group Training Facility

Located in the mix of White City Tennis Courts at the bottom of Paddington. (next door to Sydney Grammar School)

Whilst we may be raw around the edges, our newly fitted premium facility features brand 9 New assault bikes, 10 concept 2 rowers, 3 ski-ergs, quality lifting bars, Alpha-Fit rigs and Indoor and outdoor options, making us the premier fitness facility in Sydney. Organise a discovery call so we can organise a time to pop in and see us before a class for a quick tour.

Getting Started


Director and Head Coach

Brandon Hasick

Brandon has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science under his belt, making him way more than “just a PT”. With more than 6 years of experience coaching athletes and the general population, he has developed a training philosophy that prioritises perfect movement patterns and building bodies that are functional and aesthetic.

His ability to simplify and convey complex information in easy to understand language is how Brandon helps his clients get awesome results and stay injury free.

Certs and Qualifactions

  • B.Sp.Ex.Science
  • Cert III and IV
  • The Real Movement Program with Head Performance Coach of the Sydney Roosters.
  • Pre-hab 101 : by Dr. Jacob Harden
Coach and Head of Programming

Codie Edwards

We poached Codie from a performance facility in Thailand to join our team and share his knowledge on nutrition, programming and personal training for functional transformations.

Codie has a knack for helping beginners and athletes improve their strength through range of motion, whilst ensuring our clients stay injury free.

“I believe that helping clients develop the correct movement patterns through a large range of motion, with progressive overload is the key to success.”

Certs and Qualifications:

  • Cert III and IV
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Weightlifting Level 1′
  • Pre-hab 101 with Dr Jacob harden
  • BBB Development Program
Coach and Relationships Manager

Brett Winchester

Brett has been part of the furniture at Bodybybrando since day 1. He started as a client and has seen the gym and members evolve into what it is today. Seeing everything unfold first hand has given Brett the best insight to knowing what our clients want and what our clients need, which is why he is such a phenomenal coach and head of the social committee.

Apart from over playing Brittney Spears when he coaches, you won’t be able to fault him and he will become your go to man for anything you need whilst you’re a member.

Certs and Qualifications:

  • Cert III and IV
  • Pre-hab 101: Dr. Jacob Harden
  • BBB Development Program

Getting Started At BodyByBrando


Located at 30 Alma Street, Paddington, in the mix of White City Tennis Courts at the bottom of 5 Ways, next door to Sydney Grammar School.

Want to come in and tour the facility? Contact us today. Or better yet, come in for a Free Trial Session