Everyone who starts with us will undergo our "Fundamentals" Package, which is 4 x 1:1 Personal Training sessions. 

This is where we take the time to assess where you're at, analyse your nutrition, design a nutrition plan for you and then teach you the movements that you will need to know in order to follow either our Personal or Small Group Training Packages. 

We walk you through everything you will need to know in order to maximise your results

From here, we will help you decide which package will be the best for you to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time possible, which is our top priority. 

Usually a 10 week Group Training Package or a 12 Week Personal Training Package. 


Once we figure out where you're at and where you want to be, we calculate a package that is best suited for you and your needs. 

However, you can see our price-guide here

How big are the group sessions?

We keep our groups small enough that we can give individualised coaching but big enough where there is still a vibe and atmosphere. 

We cap our classes at 14 per session to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve. Its not one of those gyms where you're just another number. 

The coaches create a structured environment where it feels like a personal training session, but shared with a few mates. 

Do I need to be a certain level of fitness to join the groups?

There is no minimum level of fitness for our groups, however, we do require you to pass our 'fundamentals assessments' before joining the groups.

Because our training style is quite unique and we incorporate some highly skilled movements, with an emphasis on movement quality, we may require you to complete some more Personal training sessions. 

If there is a safety issue or we think you will be better suited to Personal training, we will let you know and help you decide. 

At the end of the day, we want you to feel comfortable, be safe and get results. 


Yes. Our coaching staff is made up of Sports and Exercise Scientists and High Quality Coaches, so you are in good hands. 

We start everyone with 4 x 1:1 sessions regardless, where we can help you choose which movements should be avoided and how to make better choices. 

If your injury is substantially going to affect your results in a group setting, then we can get you on a PT package. 

I have never trained before, is that ok?

That's more than ok. Our expert coaches have designed a package for you which will walk you through every step of the way. 

We will start you with the fundamentals package and then progress you onto either PT or Small Group Training depending on your ability and your goals. 


I have trained a fair bit before, can i just start?

Even if you're a competitive athlete, we will need to take you through a 1 off Personal Training session where we will get baseline tests, assess your motor patterns, analyse your nutrition and help tweak your performance. 

We have an expert team of coaches and we are confident we can help even the best of athletes. 


Can I trial a session?

Unfortunately, no. Because we are already at capacity we don't have enough room for people to be trialling us out. 

Firstly, it will not give you a full indication of how our holistic program works, as well as it takes away from those who are already paying full membership. 

If you want our full attention, you can book in for a 1 off Personal Training session to see whether you'll be a good fit for our programs. 

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