Transform the way you look, move and feel with our

THE FEB SHRED: A new Year Challenge aimed at transforming the 4 P's:

Your physique, performance, perception and keep you pain-free.

28 Days of staying accountable to getting lean so you can look good and move well, starting the decade off with a bang!

Transform the way you look, move and feel with our BBB Feb Shred.

Be rewarded for creating consistent habits and staying adherent to your goals.

This 1-month challenge will be the perfect kick start to get you the body you've always wanted.

Sydney's Premium Personal and Small Group Training Studio:
Is Bringin' Back the SHRED in 2020

How Does It Work?

Our annual nutrition challenge to help our members transform their body composition

  • 28 Day Nutrition Challenge Via our App: Wodify Rise

    Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a series of emails explaining how to download the app and the logins to get started. You’l also get access codes to our private FB group where we will be housing the guides and posting exclusive content.

  • Nutrition Seminar + Body Composition measurements

    Saturday 1st Feb we will be running a nutrition seminar, teaching you the science behind nutrition as well as easy-to-implement tips and tricks to make the most of your Feb Shred.

    We’ll take your measurements so that we can track your progress and keep ypu accountable to achieving results.

  • Tick off Daily Habits to receive points

    Wodify Rise is an all-in-one platform for creating digital lifestyle challenges. The Wodify Rise app helps members complete daily tasks and track their progress.

    The athlete with the most points and the best transformation at the end of the 30 days will be crowned the winner (pending coach’s decision)

  • You'll receive exclusive nutrition education + meal plans to help you maximise your 28-day experience.

    Most people find it hard to understand what they should be eating and how much, so we’ll walk you through exactly how to work it out for your body type AND MORE.

    Learn which foods are good for you and which ones you should avoid.

  • Daily Challenges for extra motivation and community spirit

    Stay on the wagon with a daily challenge to keep moptivation levels high.

    The feedback from last year’s shred was that you wanted more touch points. YOU GOT IT. This year, you’ll have us breathing down your neck every day for the whole month 🙂

  • Have the chance to win our epic prize pack

    The winner of the challenge will win:

    – 1 x Personal Training session with Head Coach Brando

    – 2 Weeks of Free Group Coaching

    – Bag of True Protein

    – BBB Prize pack (bag, shirt, shaker, ball)

  • This couldn't be more like having a personal nutrition coach if you tried...For a fraction of the cost!

  • + Everyone who completes the Feb Shred will get abs, feel great, look sexy and probably have more friends.

Check out how easy it is to get results with our FEB SHRED

Want to know how our members do it?


Get reminders on your phone asking how you’re going with your daily habits. We all know that consistency is key!


Cut through the bullshit and get REAL nutrition plans that are designed to help you drop stubborn body fat fast.

Exclusive Content

You’ll be receiving exclusive nutrition content from the BBB team, teaching you how to calculate your calories and macros, based on your goals.

Friendly Competition

Nothing keeps you more accountable than doing a challenge with friends. This app is the epitome of gamification and keeps you on track so that you can get some serious results.

Learn How to Look Good, Forever.

Whilst this is a 30-day challenge, the education you’ll get and the habits you’ll create will stick with you for a lifetime.

WIN 2 weeks of free coaching + an epic prize pack

To keep you on track, we are throwing away 2 weeks of free coaching + an epic prize pack for the winner. Valued at $454

Not only will you walk away with a shredded rig, you'll have learnt everything you need to know in order to create long-lasting habits and results.

Non Members (Online Challenge)
$119One Time Payment
  • - Online Programming for the month (of your choice)
  • - Nutrition Seminar
  • - Measurements and Photos
  • - Access to Wodify Rise
  • - Calorie and Macronutrient Prescription Tutorials
  • - Weekly My Fitness Pal Assessments / Accountability
  • - Daily Challenges for extra Points
  • - Nutrition Units. Not just a challenge but an education
  • - Nutrition Quizzes to test your knowledge and keep you paying attention
  • - Clean eating Guides
  • - Healthy Snack Guides

Athlete’s Looking for Extra Attention and Accountability, Each Coach Will Be Opening Up 5 Spaces to our ELEVATE PACKAGE. 


The Wodify Rise app keeps your members on track wherever they go.

Take measurements and photos

Create a food journal

Score completed tasks

View the leaderboard and share feedback



I joined BodyByBrando because I’d hit a plateau with my regular gym training – I wasn’t seeing results anymore and I realised I needed some more guidance. The change I have witnessed since joining 6 months ago has been staggering. My strength and fitness has increased more than I thought possible. The classes are guided by coaches who spend the time teaching not only the correct technique but how to maximise the training experience

Hamish Sutton

Avoiding the gym for many years after a chronic sporting injury, I was recommended to Body by Brando by friends & have found it awesome. These guys seriously know their stuff. They have guided me through a range of mobility exercises & drills to strengthen and overcome my injuries. Brando, Codie, Brett, Dan & the entire team at BBB have helped me change my views on training & achieving my goals

Troy Malcolm

I am 4 weeks into the 10 week fundamental package, and i can easily say its the best decision i have ever made towards my overall individual health & fitness. These guys cover everything from A to Z. As an office worker it is making my every day operations a joy knowing i have these guys taking care of my health and fitness. Highly recommend ! 🙂

Andrew Cash