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How Does It Work?

If you have struggled to find a world-class personal trainer in your area, this is your answer!

  • Once you’ve filled out our online assessment, we’ll have a quick chat to get super clear on what you’d like to achieve

  • Get access to one of BBB's World Class Coaches

  • We’ll create really clear targets and walk you through the action steps necessary to achieve those goals

  • You’ll get your program delivered to our phone app, where you can see your daily program + log your scores, watch our tutorial videos, track your nutrition targets and even send us videos of your form for assessment and correction

  • You’ll have 24/7 access to your coach for questions and accountability so that you can be confident that you’ll reach your goals.

  • This couldn't be more like having a personal trainer if you tried. For a fraction of the cost!

Learn How to Look Good and Move Well

Learn the points of performance for the major lifts. Including, but not limited to squatting, pressing, pulling, deadlifting, handstands and Olympic weight-lifting basics. We’ll break down all of the major movements so that you’re comfortable following a program forever.

Science Based Programming

Learn how to follow a science-based approach to training, where you can incorporate strength through large a large range of motion whilst developing capacity across all of the energy systems. Leaving you looking good, moving well and staying injury free.

1:1 Accountability

You’ll have access to your coach 24/7 with the in-app messaging service. You can ask questions, get feedback and even send through your videos for assessment and correction.


Information isn’t the problem. There’s plenty of that on the net. The issue it accountability. That’s why we include nutrition coaching in our programs to cut through the bullshit and keep you accountable to your body composition goals.

Stay Injury Free

Gain the confidence to move with precision so that you can not only stay injury free, but begin to excel in the weights room confidently.

Industry Expert Coaching

Learn how to lift with our online video tutorials and be guided by expert coaches with years of industry experience. Your program will be delivered to your phone App everyday and fully customed to your needs and goals.

You'll Walk Away Knowing How to Safely and Effectively Follow A Program that Incorporates...

Full Depth Squat Progressions

Horizontal Push/ Pull Progressions

Vertical Push/ Pull Progressions

Gymnastics Progressions

Mobility Progressions

Olympic Weightlifting Progressions

Metabolic Conditioning Movements

Functional training that works

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I joined BodyByBrando because I’d hit a plateau with my regular gym training – I wasn’t seeing results anymore and I realised I needed some more guidance. The change I have witnessed since joining 6 months ago has been staggering. My strength and fitness has increased more than I thought possible. The classes are guided by coaches who spend the time teaching not only the correct technique but how to maximise the training experience

Hamish Sutton

Avoiding the gym for many years after a chronic sporting injury, I was recommended to Body by Brando by friends & have found it awesome. These guys seriously know their stuff. They have guided me through a range of mobility exercises & drills to strengthen and overcome my injuries. Brando, Codie, Brett, Dan & the entire team at BBB have helped me change my views on training & achieving my goals

Troy Malcolm

I am 4 weeks into the 10 week fundamental package, and i can easily say its the best decision i have ever made towards my overall individual health & fitness. These guys cover everything from A to Z. As an office worker it is making my every day operations a joy knowing i have these guys taking care of my health and fitness. Highly recommend ! 🙂

Andrew Cash