do you have the personality to become the next industry leader but want to gain some experience and get world class training first?

We are looking for a legend to jump onto our ever-growing team who has ambitions of becoming an industry leader in the personal and small group training space.

Someone who has a burning desire for excellence and moving the needle in whatever it is they take ok.

BBB has a vision of to expand what people think is humanly possible and then help them actually achieve it.

This goes for clients and coaches alike.

We are on track of becoming Australia’s leading Personal and Small Group Training facility by helping the people of Paddington (and the online world) maximise their life, by providing high quality training and tools to transform the way they look, move and feel, all whilst being part of a community of high-performing individuals.”

This will be a paid role with the opportunity for a career with BBB, so please only apply if you think you’re the best fit for this role right now.

In order to apply, please adhere to the following requirements and fill in the form below:

  • Have studied/ almost finished cert III and IV or a sports science degree

  • Be willing to commit to 1 - 2 days per week at our Paddington Studio (4 hour days)

  • Willing to commit to a 6-12 month employment contract following the 12 week probation period

  • Have a growth mindset and willingness to be expand human potential

  • 20 years or older

What it involves

An 8 week paid internship, undertaking our exclusive BBB Coach’s Fitness Checklist comprised of:

  • Sports Science Level Fitness Knowledge

  • 5 star Personal / Small Group Coaching Standards

  • Administration and back end systems

  • Marketing and Sales Training

  • 1-2 Days per week (depending on the person)

  • 4 hours at the Paddington Studio each week with Head Coach Brandon Hasick

  • The chance to merge straight into a career with BBB if the right fit for the company and clients

Apply for the BBB internship here
We just need some details so we know you're serious
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