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No matter what level you're starting at, we have you covered. Our aim is to help people develop lean muscle mass, drop unwanted body fat and become totally unrestricted in movement. To do that, you must be willing to master the basics and progress through the advanced movements. 

choose which program suits you and click the picture. 

for those who are unable to get to our paddington location but still want to follow BodybyBrando's methods to achieve your ultimate level of physical performance?

6 Week Functional Transformation

Transform the way you look, move and feel with our 6 week Program. 

This is for those who would benefit from learning how to master the art of functional training with access to a fully modulated and step by step membership site that walks you through exactly how to train like BBB.

This is for those who are a little familiar with the functional fitness movements like squatting, pressing, dead-lifting etc, but looking to learn how to implement them into a program whilst also learning higher skilled movements like olympic lifting movements and gymnastics. 

BBB Weekly WOD Program

This is for those who are fairly confident in all forms of functional fitness and have access to a functional fitness area at their gym. 

We have designed this program to train like we do at BBB Paddington so you can get the same results our face to face members do. 

You can expect a full S and C program + extras and access to our member's site to develop you into the athlete you've always wanted to be. 

You will need barbells, DB, KB, rowers/ bikes, pull up bars and rings. 

A complete program aimed at developing your true athletic potential across a number of domains.

- Build lean muscle + drop belly fat

-Move with freedom

- develop your functional skill base + performance

- learn strict and high rep gymnastics

- learn olympic lifting techniques and skills