Pain Free Shoudlers

Everyone deserves to be pain-free.

The shoulders are a complicated joint and there are a number of reasons they could be giving you grief.
One of the most common reasons people experience shoulder pain is because they are relatively “tight through the front and weak through the back”
What we mean by that is their anterior musculature is super jacked up and tight, causing the athlete to internally rotate and close off the shoulder capsule.
Generally, if the posterior shoulder is weak, it won’t be strong enough to oppose the internal rotation and the athlete will end up with a slumped and rounded posture.
This in itself is only a problem if we need to put anything above our head or move our shoulder in a functional way. *(PS that’s everyone)
So because we now have rounded shoulders, we essentially have less sub-acromial space, meaning that things will start getting jammed up and pinched through the shoulder girdle.
*Muscles don’t like getting pinched and will probably let you know by giving off some pain and inflammation as a warning light.
And we all know what happens when you ignore warning lights… they get worse.
So, the aim of the game for healthy and happy shoulders is to get
“Long and strong”
Long through the front and strong through the back.
(The opposite of what most people have)
So far, the most productive way to influence the tonality of the muscle tissue that I have found is through the combination of
1. A.R.T (active release technique)
2. Loaded Mobility (like this video)
3. Posterior/rotator cuff stabilisation drills

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