our programs are designed by head coach & sports scientist Brandon Hasick, with a motive to HELP you REACH PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE BASED ON YOUR needs and goals.


most people come to us with personal goals of their own and end up staying for these reasons. 

Personal training Package

Our Personal Training Packages will transform the way you look, move and feel with guaranteed results. 

You'll have a coach whose sole mission is to get you the result you're looking for in the time frame that you've got. 

If you're someone with a defined goal and need the guidance and accountability to get there, then our Personal Training Packages are for you. 

Because our training and nutrition systems are purposeful and calculated, we can ensure that you reach your goal in the shortest time frame possible.  

▶ The Executive Package: Personal Training completely individualised and customised for you and your goals, which includes:

▶ Between 2-4 PT sessions each week, based on your goals and needs.

▶ + Unlimited Group sessions valued at $97/ week

▶ Individual strategy session to clearly define your steps needed to transform the way you look, move and feel.

▶ Body composition and movement analysis

▶ 100% Customised meal plan with unlimited changes

▶100% Individualised programming and strategy to achieving your goals

▶ Weekly body composition check-in and accountability questions with your personal coach

▶ Free access to seminars and member's only membership site with hours of content.

▶ Access to performance tracking app where you can see yourself improve every day

Whether you decide to join the groups or personal training, we are confident we can help you:

- Build lean muscle

- burn stubborn body fat 

- move without restriction

- learn functional skills and movement patterns 

- Regain confidence in your movement and in yourself 

choose one of our highly skilled coaches to be apart of your journey