Sydney’s Premium Personal and Small Group Training Studio


Life is not meant to be lived in a state of mediocrity. Find your true athletic potential and open the doors to pain free life without restriction.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or what your athletic background is, because our programs are designed to help regular people increase their strength, fitness and do the common things uncommonly well in a motivating and welcoming community.

With constantly varied workouts based on your ability, BBB is not just another boring gym fad… it’s a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle.

Get started with a FREE PT specifically designed for you and your goals, and discover if BBB is the right fit for you.



Fast-track your results
Our Personal training packages will transform the way you LOOK, MOVE and FEEL with guaranteed results. You’ll have a private coach whose sole mission is to get you the result you’re looking for in the time frame you set. If you’re someone with a defined goal and need the guidance and accountability to get there, then our personal training packages are for you. Perfect for those who ambitious goals, would like to have extra 1:1 attention and accountability or just or people who prefer 1:1 coaching.


Small Group Training

Sports Science Driven Performance Coaching
Our small group memberships give you access to unlimited personalised training in a team environment. Our Sole focus is to find out exactly what you’re looking for and then provide you with the strategies and action steps to help you reach these goals. Jump on board a 10 week Functional Transformation and you’ll receive 4 x 1:1 Fundamentals Program included so we can assess address and progress you through our standards of nutrition and movement standard before throwing you in the deep end.

SWEAT Program: Outdoor Conditioning Sessions

Small Group Coaching

Sports Science Driven Results
Increase lean muscle mass and drop stubborn body fat whilst staying pain free. SWEAT is designed to create stability and control throughout your body by working through a large range of motion across long periods of time under tension. We focus on creating strength and stability whilst improving general fitness and endurance for the everyday athlete. This program follows a very similar philosophy to our regular programming, however, we’ve stripped back some of the more advanced movements to allow our everyday athletes to focus on building muscle and general fitness.

Beginner’s 6 Week Online Course

Online Course

Learn the basics really well, online
We’ve developed an awesome new way for ordinary people to transform the way they look, move and feel, all without having to come to our Paddington studio. You can follow along with our 6 week program and feel as if you’ve got a personal trainer in your pocket, for less than the price of 1 PT session.

Get access to 6 weeks of training, nutrition documents and mobility guides all for $69.

Online Programming

For the everyday athlete

Train like us, wherever you want

Increase lean muscle mass and drop stubborn body fat whilst staying pain free. Choose between our 2 programming types each day (WOD or SWEAT), depending on how you’re feeling or what you’re looking for.

Our program  focuses on creating strength and stability whilst improving general fitness and endurance for the everyday athlete. This program follows the exact same philosophy as our regular programming, however, you can do it wherever and whenever you’d like.

Teen Fit

Strength and Conditioning for the Teenage Athlete

Sports Science Driven Results
Our TeenFit program is designed to get 13-17 year olds learning and understanding how to train safely and effectively in a gym environment.  Whether your teen is a competitive athlete looking for the extra edge, or just wanting to increase strength and fitness whilst staying injury free, we’ve got them covered.

Our program is designed by Sports Scientists and delivered by high quality coaches to ensure that your kids are getting the highest quality of strength and conditioning coaching, in a safe and fun environment.

We focus on creating strength and mobility, whilst improving general fitness and endurance for the everyday Teen athlete.

Corporate Fitness Packages

Health, Fitness and Productivity for your staff

Sports Science Driven Results

It’s now 2019 and most people and companies know the undeniable benefits of a corporate wellness program, however, the trouble lies within the uninspiring, “cookie cutter”approach that most programs deliver.

Which leads to poor attendance and even worse adherence.

We will create an experience for your employees that will not only deliver world class Sport Science based strength, conditioning and nutrition programming, but an experience that will create camaraderie and excitement that will buzz through your workplace.

"Elevate Nutrition" Packages

Individualised 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Transform the way you look and create lasting Change

Our “Elevate Nutrition” package is accessible for both members or non-members. These consultations are designed to tailor a fully individualised nutrition process based on your body type, activity levels and goals, so that you can fully understand what you should be eating, when you should be eating it and why.

When getting started, you’ll have the option of filling out a detailed questionnaire that covers your background, your current situation, what motivates you and what your ultimate goals are, before sitting down for a 45 minute consultation where we can really dive deep into the best plan of attack for YOU.

Expect to see some massive changes in your body fat % and lean muscle mass with our “Elevate Nutrition Package”