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It’s now 2019 and most people and companies know the undeniable benefits of a corporate wellness program, however, the trouble lies within the uninspiring, “cookie cutter”approach that most programs deliver, which leads to poor attendance and lack of results.

We will create an experience for your employees that will not only deliver world class Sport Science based strength, conditioning and nutrition programming, but an experience that will create camaraderie and excitement that will buzz through your workplace.

Sydney’s Premium Personal and Small Group Training Studio


Once you apply, we’ll contact you for a 15 minute discovery call, where we will find out exactly what you’re looking for and come with the most effective action steps to get you there.

We’ll discuss your goals and dig into the below…

Access To High Quality Coaching Sessions

Have a team of Sports Scientists and high quality coaches look after your staff on their journey towards a healthy and productive life.

Learn the fundamentals

The emphasis of these sessions are to assess your staff’s current nutrition and movement standards, and then progress them through the perfect technique and BBB methodologies to help them achieve success and stay injury free.

Before & After Measurements

Get a free body composition analysis as part of your on boarding, so we can create your individualised nutrition plan and track your progress over time.

Baseline Movement & Fitness Assessment

Assessments allow us to identify strength and weaknesses. We use this data to address anything out of the ordinary and then tailor workouts to help you effectively reach your goals.

One On One Consultation

Come in and meet with our knowledgeable and caring staff and let us walk you through the individualised action steps we would take with you to streamline your results for the long haul.

Increase Team Morale and Productivity

It’s no secret that healthier staff are more productive and live happier lives in general. Investing in your team’s health has shown ROI of up to 4 x initial investment due to less sick days and higher productivity rates.

Nutrition & Accountability

Whilst we don’t want to restrict your lifestyle, you can’t out-train a bad diet. BBB makes sure that your staff have the tools and accountability to make subtle changes that are both effective and sustainable.

Science Based Programming

Designed by industry professionals, this science-based approach to training incorporates building strength through large a large range of motion + targets a range of energy systems. Leaving you looking good, moving well and staying injury free.

Sydney's Premium Functional Transformation Facility.


I joined BodyByBrando because I’d hit a plateau with my regular gym training – I wasn’t seeing results anymore and I realised I needed some more guidance. The change I have witnessed since joining 6 months ago has been staggering. My strength and fitness has increased more than I thought possible. The classes are guided by coaches who spend the time teaching not only the correct technique but how to maximise the training experience

Hamish Sutton

Avoiding the gym for many years after a chronic sporting injury, I was recommended to Body by Brando by friends & have found it awesome. These guys seriously know their stuff. They have guided me through a range of mobility exercises & drills to strengthen and overcome my injuries. Brando, Codie, Brett, Dan & the entire team at BBB have helped me change my views on training & achieving my goals

Troy Malcolm

I am 4 weeks into the 10 week fundamental package, and i can easily say its the best decision i have ever made towards my overall individual health & fitness. These guys cover everything from A to Z. As an office worker it is making my every day operations a joy knowing i have these guys taking care of my health and fitness. Highly recommend ! 🙂

Andrew Cash

One off Session
$29Per Person
  • 90 Minute Session
  • Including:
  • Nutrition and Mindset Presentation (30 min)
  • Training session (60 min)
  • Take home nutrition guides
  • Individual Body composition Analysis
  • Take home flexibility guides
Executive Package: Individual Transformations
$89Per Week
  • Individualised 10 Week Functional Transformations
  • 4 x 1:1 Fundamental Sessions
  • Body Composition Analysis (before and after)
  • Individualised Nutrition Targets
  • Individualised Nutrition Plans
  • Accountability Package
  • Unlimited Access to all Group Training sessions
  • Performance Tracking App
  • Member's Only Resources
  • Subsidised Options for large companies
  • 20% off for more than 5 staff