Here's just a small sample of the legends we have had achieving extra-ordinary results with us over the last few years

Wayne Epple

"I started with the crew in October 2016. At first I was skeptical of this style of training because of my history with bulging discs and back issues. Brando and the team assured me that they would help strengthen my back so that I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore. Their programs have allowed me to not only get confidence in my back, but all other areas too"

Neil Pharoah

I have always enjoyed fitness, but wasn't seeing improvements after a while in normal gym training. After having been to other crossfit styled gyms and F45, I had reached a point where I knew what I was doing and was just in a routine.

So far, BBB has helped immensely with my technique and mobility, allowing me to feel stronger and more physically able. I love their focus on supporting each other, friendships, technique, and the mix of styles including gymnastics and strength.

Aisha Mulligan

"I came for the results and now I stay for the community". I came back from Europe feeling flabby and soft. I didn't have the motivation or the knowledge to do it on my own. At first I just wanted the flat stomach and toned arms like everyone else does, but now I am loving how strong I feel and the things I can do.

Jess Durrington

I've tried tonnes of bootcamps and HIIT training sessions before, but always came away feeling sore and injured in the wrong way. I find it hard to activate my glutes which gives me hip and knee pain. Since learning the strength training basics with BBB, I am now squatting 65kg and deadlifting 90. My glutes have never felt better.

Matt Hooey

My biggest fear was coming into a gym where everyone knew what they were doing and I wouldn't fit in. I'm glad I did though, because since starting, I am now confident in not only the movements and training, but myself and how my body works.

I have put on around 6kg on lean muscle since starting and feel 10x stronger. The community is unreal.

BBB - Artarmon_-49.jpg

Rachel Smith

I was keen to get into Crossfit, but was recommended to come to BBB by a friend. They told me it is very similar to CF, but a lot more personalised to individual goals, with a big focus on strength and gymnastics. I still get my competitiveness, but the coaches and small group sessions help me understand my body a lot better so I can reach my goals without risking injury.

Dallas Stone

I've been to my fair share of gyms and have loved them all for their own reasons. About 3 months ago, because of where I was at in my journey, I wanted to come to BBB to get the coaching I needed, in order to be the athlete I wanted to be. Since spending time with Dberg and Brando 1:1 and in the small groups, I have learnt so much more about my body than the last 5 years put together.

My movement efficiency, functionality and strength are all coming together.

This is the best I've felt with my body since starting the sport.

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