Have you ever felt the following things when you think about work; having trouble sleeping at night; low energy; a sense of negativity when you think about going to work; irritability towards your co-workers or wanting to straight up quit your job? If you answered yes to these, you may be about to encounter yourself burning out. Here are some ways you can avoid a burnout, thanks to these wellness and career experts.

“The easiest way to avoid burnout is by either following a structured program. Ideally, this would be from someone with knowledge in the field of sports and exercise programming, but as a minimum, you should be at least writing down what you intend to do at the start of each week.

Everyone is always very keen to go hell for leather for the first 3 days when they are motivated, which usually fades very quickly when they become tired, sore and less motivated. I find having a written out plan forces you to stick to the plan and maintain structure.”

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