Why we get injured and how we can self manage niggles before they become serious, long term injuries.

Did you know 98% of injuries can be prevented through better body awareness, strength and motor control.

BBB have paired up with the awesome team at KC chiropractic to take you through a FREE seminar which will explain exactly why you get injured and then give you some simple steps you can implement to prevent future injuries from occurring.

The major outcomes from the seminar will include:

– Injury awareness and prevention of injuries: in particular, going into detail with

– Lower back and shoulder injuries

-Q and A for your personal injuries and frustrations

-Management techniques on how to handle niggles

If you are someone who is frustrated with constant niggles and set backs, don’t miss out on your spot for this life changing seminar.

We are limiting this seminar to 50 spots which will book out quickly.  

Let your friends know about this seminar so they don’t miss out

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